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What are you waiting for?

Are you procrastinating, filling your time, …waiting?

You may be stuck in a loop of repeating patterns. And may be it is time to stop waiting.

I invite you to explore what waiting really is all about and what the alternative could be:

What have you been waiting for?

What are you hoping for?

At what expense?

When has the strategy of waiting resulted in reaching your dreams? Or has it resulted in repeated loops of waiting?

What does this waiting ask of you?

What is the benefit of waiting? Is this enough?

What have you put on hold while you wait?

To what situation, anticipated outcome or person are you giving away your power by passively waiting?

What would you do differently if you knew no one was coming or there was no perfect time or situation to wait for?

What would you do if you really understood that YOU ARE THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR?

Just let that sink it.

You may have not known this, but you have been waiting for you to step up and show up for your Self.

This requires you to step up to being the co-creator or captain of your life. You are no longer waiting for the wind to change direction because you can set the sails and change them to make the most of the existing environment/the wind. There is no need to wait for the wind to change.

It requires that you to take responsibility for your Self. No one is responsible for your well being (unless you are a child/dependant). And this means that there is no one to blame. No parent, partner, government, entity, situation, or general “other”. Only you. 100%.

Let that sink it. How many hours, day, months, years have you wasted waiting? And you can’t blame anyone else. You tricked yourself because it seemed easier and more comfortable. It’s okay. Give yourself some self compassion – i.e. “firm kindness” – some understanding for being human but without indulgence and commit to taking responsibility going forward.

And what you’ll discover is that you contain the multiverse within. And then you truly see what the Hopi elders have said so many years ago.

So what are you waiting for?

How can you set the sails so that your life is back on track? What will you do right now?

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