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No need to be alarmed

Don’t be alarmed by the discomfort you may be experiencing as you expand and grow.

Like a limb that fell asleep, you may be experiencing some pain and tingling as the blood rushes back into the extremity. What you’re feeling may well be aspects of yourself which are reconnecting after having been forgotten. You may also be releasing the old and making space for the new You forgot that this is what you asked for – change, growth, expansion. With rain comes with clouds.

Equally, don’t be alarmed by the seeming lull in your expansion and growth.

You are most probably in a necessary holding pattern, getting ready to expand and grow again, once you have integrated and uploaded your new inner program.

It’s ironic that both of these opposite scenarios can lead to a sense of panic. A situation usually causes alarm because of two reasons:

Problems, only problems

The first is our habit of only seeing problems. Is this situation a real problem? Did anyone get hurt or die? Or have you lost the bigger or wider view? What alternative perspectives could provide a context for what is going on that are just as true and less alarming than your problem focused one?


The second possible reason that causes alarm is thanks to unmet expectations – i.e. when our life seems to fall short of how it should be. What rules are outdated and no longer serve you? Can you rewrite the rules? Or even more boldly, can you free yourself of the whole damn rule book and live into the answers/into the unknown with curiosity?


Another alternative to panicking is making peace with reality. And it starts with radical acceptance (watch Tara Brach explain why radical acceptance is the prerequisite to change). Can you – in this moment – truly accept both what is here and what is missing? Acceptance does not mean condoning, being a push over, giving up with resignation, or enjoying/loving what is. It means being real with yourself and with reality without bypassing, numbing, denying what is. It’s a starting point for real change.

A Wise Response

Once you’ve accepted what is and what is not, you’re in a state of peace. It is from this place that you can make real changes because you’re no longer reacting out of fear and able to see the patterns clearly and make a new choice. What do I really need right now?

Don’t be alarmed as you change your world through this new state of peace. Enjoy it.

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