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We’ve lost touch

Down to Earth

Recently I watched a very interesting 15 minute YouTube documentary called “Down to Earth” about Earth’s gift of grounding to all beings (not to be confused with the movie “Down to Earth” which is also worth watching). I learnt about the science of grounding and its importance for our wellbeing (sleep, levels of inflammation, dis-ease, etc) and discovered how very rarely I make direct contact with the Earth.

Limited access to the gift of grounding

Just think about it, you – probably like me – wear shoes with rubber soles about 90% of the time. Even if we’d never choose to wear shoes, our feet would probably not make direct contact with the Earth because many of us live in a concrete city, working and living in concrete boxes, surrounded with paved sidewalks and tarred roads and fake grass. Even when we do spend time in nature, we’re insulated from direct contact because we’re wearing our running and hiking shoes or cycling on our bikes. We’ve created lives that don’t allow us to benefit from the freely available healing grounding. How crazy is that!?

How does the lack of contact affect our relationship with Mother Earth?

When acknowledging the importance of Ayni (read more in my last blog about scared reciprocity and cycle of giving and receiving), I can now see that this lack of direct contact also means that I am not very open to receiving the gift of grounding. From the perspective given by Gary Chapman, who sees physical touch as one of the Five Languages of Love, I recognize the need to expand on the ways I communicate my love for Mother Earth. It makes me wonder if our planet, a sentient being, misses our loving touch?

It seems obvious and I accepted that a life in a city is removed from nature, but I did not realize the many consequences of our lack of direct contact and how this may be yet another contributing factor to humanity’s destructive relationship with Mother Earth and the growing levels of dis-ease.

How can we improve our communication and connection to Mother Earth?

Let’s use the Five Languages of Love as a guide. I list only some examples. I hope they inspire you:

Physical Touch – walking barefoot on the Earth, feeling the wind in your hair, a tree’s rough bark, the refreshing cold of a river stream, the warmth of the sun on your skin…

Words of Affirmation – words of appreciation, gratitude, prayer, song, chanting,…

Acts of Service – recycling, making ecobricks, choosing a minimalist, plastic free life, cycling rather than driving, changing your diet, choosing Fairtrade/organic/local products, collecting all rubbish on your walks, saving water, electricity, using biodegradable products,…

Gift Giving – donating time and money to animal shelters and NGOs focusing on protecting the environment, planting trees, symbolic (biodegradable) gifts such as tobacco, cornflour, wine, blood, song and dance, ceremony…

Quality Time – spending time in nature, soaking up her gifts and making time for the other four languages of love…

What other ideas do you have?

I’m excited because by expanding on our expressions of love, we will not only support and strengthen our practice of Anyi, but ultimately also strengthen our sense of connection and create a kinder world for all.

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