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Are you happy?

Ready to do something about it? 

As a Martha Beck certified life coach, I coach clients to rise above their fears, start to listen to their Heart Song and take bold steps towards a more meaningful and rich life.

These clients have started to question if this (their life as it is) is it. They seek happiness but have tried and failed to find any lasting state of contentment or peace through the usual socially accepted routes towards some form of “success”. They are becoming aware that everything is energy and that they are much, much more than their physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Be Happy Life Coaching offers clients a space to explore a much wider, higher, and more holistic perspective with the aim of allowing them to connect to their own inner wisdom.

Are you done chasing the next promise of happiness? 
Is it time for a new approach towards longer lasting peace and joy?


Let’s connect to explore if ONLINE COACHING with me, KERSTIN WADDELL, is what you need for this stage of your journey.

Mount Everest

Start your Journey to your happy life today

Learn tools & practices 

Receive Energetic Support for Change

Create healthy relationships with others and yourself

Awakening support

Meet Kerstin

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Hi! I’m Kerstin Waddell.


Lovely to meet you! I love all things calm and serene, as well as anything that sparkles and makes me laugh. I can be creative, mindful, playful, curious, caring and carefree. While I have always been caring, I was not always carefree or that happy…


After burning out twice, I decided to make some new choices and listen to my own Heart Song. At first, all I could hear were the sighs of my exhausted body and the churning of my fear-filled thoughts. Then I learned how to gently hold my heart as it slowly opened and released my defrosted dreams – and with it my Heart Song.


Its tune led me to study with Martha Beck to become a certified life coach or Wayfinder, and I am now living my dream of contributing to people’s journey towards living a much more balanced and happier life. 

Kerstin Waddell

Kerstin Waddell is gentle, compassionate, intuitive and insightful - a mixture of qualities that help to make her the excellent coach that she is. She brings to her coaching sessions a magical combination of head and heart that allows for real change, really quickly. I have worked with Kerstin for some time now, and the more I get to know her, the more I get to love her. You will too. 

“I would like to express my gratitude for the guidance, space, and reflection you have provided me this year.  You have helped me experience several powerful things that will enable me to really live true to myself and to my calling.

“I have found Kerstin’s sessions most useful as she is an empathetic and sensitive listener. I have most appreciated the practical approach to problem-solving without in any way simplifying complex and nuanced feelings and situations.

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